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A BOOK AND A STORY: Heaven, what poetry!

The first book "Diary of an Angel"  published in 1999, is now followed by a second Diary, called "Heaven, what poetry!". It's here again a very special book, because  this one too is written from heaven. The author is in fact Emilio Crispo, a young medical doctor, whose life finished at the age of 29 due to a car accident. But his parents affirm they have not “lost” their son since they maintain a constant contact with him: "I am living a very lively life" – writes Emilio through the hands of his parents - "I love and I am being loved deeply. The Diary of an Angel tells us about  their new way of life together and describes all the passages of this voyage, all the emotions experienced, even through an original array of illustrations.
"I am peaceful - tells the mother of Emilio - because I do know, that he lives happily and joyfully, and that for him no distance would ever be able to separate us. He is telling me this in his letters, and not only in words, so that even I may be able to cancel the distance and understand that the infinitive eternity is not so far away from our house. In this way my life continues together with him, not so different from before."
The letters from Emilio are tender, joyful and full of love, they are unusually beautiful and expressive, but specially significant and important for their profound theological contents. The parents of Emilio wanted to publish these letters so as  to share their experience, in which hope becomes certainty and faith is lived in a real way on this earth.

Edoardo Sassi