Emilio Crispo


'To all those who need a little help in order to go on believing, and to those who do not believe, yet need just a tiny bit of doubt to shake off their scepticism.'

‘Were I not alive, this pen wouldn’t move a millimetre. It would move only to write the inconsequential thoughts that usually go through one's head, such as pain, nostalgia, despair, resignation. I am instead full of joy, praise, tranquillity, bliss, certainty. Why do all these beautiful feelings cause suffering? Because of envy? I have left this earth, but not you and my friends. God has taken me from my earthly life, but has given me eternal life. He has not deprived me of your affection, and I can reach you when and how I like…
… There are very many ways to communicate with those dear to us who have been taken to a better life. Our way seems to be amongst the most original. I do not think there have been, or there are, similar experiences, based on direct connection. This has happened because of the strong bond that exists between us, and above all because of the affectionate consent of Our Lord who has made his miracle possible.’
(3rd July 1996)

'UP THERE, IN HEAVEN- WE LIVE! It is this objective that we will pursue with all our energies, and this is the message to pass to our readers.
... Knowledge is an invaluable asset, especially if it leads us to God. But wisdom is an even higher privilege, which is borne of the humility that allows God to guide us to the truth, of recognising His sign, His project, in order to witness it and enable anyone to participate in His greatness. Look around you and outside this always as you read, and try not to approach this superficially. Follow your own intellect, yet do so without overlooking the voice of your heart. When in darkness, look for a shaft of light and it will be able to lead you back to its source. But above all, ask for the love of God, through which you will be able to realise the message that is now coming through me. I hope that something of the joy of this gift will always remain with you.'
(13th September 1998)


‘You have to understand that we cannot manage without those things that we love, things, people, animals, culture, art.
Art is like me, impalpable but alive, and you love it. As you have found me again, you will again discover that beauty in art which is an expression of the spirit, and an inspiration to man from God... You know I am not referring to beauty in art generally, but to that kind of beauty which is in these conversations from heaven to earth.’
(1st June 1996)

I never experienced such an emotion
until I saw God again

Dear Daddy, Do you remember that time, when I was very very little , you and mummy had left for a congress and when I saw you coming back home, after endless anxiety, I wet my pants due to the emotion.
What an overwhelming emotion !
In my heart sneaked the fear you had left me forever, but we were all three together again!  For the first time I understood, how painful it is to feel or to believe oneself abandoned and how reassuring it is to realize one had been wrong.
I am sure that when we will see each other again, up here, none of us will ever experience the same emotion
We will certainly hug each other in tremendous joy, but I believe I will not wet myself as it happened that time and not only because I would not have the physical structure, but because I know that none of us has practically ever been separated from one an other. You, through your tender love and ever growing faith and me because I am actually always near you, I should almost say in body and flesh!
I never experienced that same emotion all  through my life, until the day I was able to see God again.
I believed He had left for a long journey and that He would never come back to me and when I saw him close to me and He smiled upon me in the same way he had  when I was about to face the adventure of life,  this upset me just like that time. I realized, now as on that occasion, that I had never been abandoned if not in the appearance of a more or less lasting event, because His Love for me had never faded away,  just like yours and mine.
I also realized that whereas our love for Him, may change, the Love of God is unchangeable and endless in giving us life before, during and after death in the same way that your love for me endures and allows me to live in your hearts. Just as I now live  in you, I live in God , and you’ll understand this when He will appear to you..if I may say, in the flesh and body of His Son Jesus.
And you’ll discover, not without emotion and astonishment, that what is considered an abstract and ideal feeling is, instead, a real entity even if in all Its immensity and eternity, It ‘appears’ in the tenderly human eyes of the Holy Face of Jesus and in the motherly endearments of Merciful Mary.
What an emotion, dear daddy, what an emotion dear mummy!
None of them ever abandoned us!
Jesus even came to look for us, because we had abandoned the Father. I have no fear to believe and assert that God, just as any loving father, experiences such an ardent emotion when one of His sons, given up as dispersed, comes back to Him.
And who knows how many times He does rejoice over the emotion. But He,  certainly without mishap.
I love you just as much as that time.
( 2nd June 2001)

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