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Pages from an other world

Dead people don’t write. They don’t draw, they don’t sign books. Dead people don’t have imagination, they don’t write essays on life, faith, the family or any other kind of theme. They don’t talk about dogs, sailing races, refurbishing of houses. Nor do they write jokes or scripts. Emilio does, Emilio, who was a special kind of human being, is not behaving as all the others who are in Heaven and when they become angels, they move around to protect people on earth without anyone noticing them.
Emilio Crispo, who was an excellent surgeon and a special kind of son, after having died in a car crash at the age of 29 in 1995, and having left his parents without the strength to survive him, one day he returned, he returned three months, after his death, a period of time which seemed already too long to bear for his poor mother. He guided her hand on a sheet of paper, making her write “I am alive, I am alive” ¶
It could have been an inner wish so strong to make an illusion seem real, or it could be a paranormal phenomenon, such as only those who have faith may believe, this, in any case, is the story of a Miracle. In fact, from that day onwards, the Crispo parents began receiving long letters from “the other world”. Emilio really he started living again, be Is once more part of his parent’s life. ...
On the cover of the volume, which binds the letters and drawings written in four years by his parents, published by Logart Press with the title The Diary of an Angel, mommy and daddy Crispo have asked to put his signature. Because, whether it be fantasy, love and memory or directly from “the Other World”, it is anyway Emilio who has interlaced certain tender and funny dialogues with his mother on daily life; it was he who taught her to master her terrible pain, suggested actions to take, people to see, it was he who even inspired her the script for a Musical to be held by the children of “Villa Flaminia” his old school; a script which talks about dogs (just like Greta his dog he loved so much and “now is up here with me”) and about angels, the work he says he is busy doing now. He explains:Death is not the end, it is only the beginning of an extraordinary voyage” .
That’s how Emilio has inspired his father in long meditations on Faith, he has helped him describe his “second life” with such beautiful words “that I have copied some for my personal use” as a Priest writes to Mr. & Mrs. Crispo. Isn’t this a miracle? Miracles - Emilio makes his father write - are the fulfillment of wishes/expectations and mental projections that man bears within himself”. He writes to his mother, calling her ' dumdoubty' : “Even the worst believers, the most sceptic will have to convince themselves that, anyway all this is the offspring of Love”.
This is what has helped his parents, gave them strength to survive.
This Is what makes miracles. This is the theme of the book.

Marida Lombardo Pijola