EMILIO CRISPO is born in Rome on 21st June 1966.
From childhood he displays a lively intelligence together with a joyous and sensitive nature. He enjoys skiing and sailing, and at the age of fourteen, is chosen to represent Italy in the Vaurien World Championships. He then moves to the 470 with IOR and IMS class boats, winning trophies in the European, Italian and Winter championships. He also has a talent for music, gaining the diploma di solfeggio at the age of fifteen and his fifth year piano degree at the Conservatory of St. Cecilia in Rome.
Qualifying at the liceo classico with the highest possible marks, he enters La Sapienza University in Rome, graduating cum laude at 24 in Medicine and Surgery, and then begins to specialize in vascular surgery. At the same time he completes his military service with the Carabinieri. Returning to his professional life, he publishes a number of scientific papers as well as completing his doctorate, which gains him a professorship in vascular surgery at Rome’s Tor Vergata University.
As the result of a car accident, he leaves this earth on 22nd September 1995. He is 29 years old.
About three months after he has left us for heaven, he begins to guide a pen in the hands of his mother and father and so to write the diary of his new life.